What Is Hypnotherapy?

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a therapy which utilises the benefits of hypnosis to treat a wide variety of medical and psychological problems.


Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation during which it is possible for a qualified hypnotherapist to make beneficial changes to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. This can be used to treat a wide range of issues effectively.

Who May Benefit From Hypnotherapy?

It is estimated that 85% of people will readily respond to clinical hypnotherapy and it may even succeed where conventional methods of treatment have not produced the desired results.


Hypnotherapy can be utilised to help an individual release more of their own inner potential and activate the innate healing power of their own mind and body, thereby utilising their own natural resources to effect the beneficial changes they desire.

Will I Be In Control In Hypnosis?

Absolutely!  General consensus indicates that regardless of how deeply people go into a hypnotic trance they actually remain in full control. You are able to talk if you wish, and could even stand up and leave the room at any time.


Remember, people you may have seen on hypnosis stage and TV shows performing all manner of (usually foolish) acts have volunteered and are then picked out precisely because of their desire to perform. Hypnotherapy will only guide you to do what you want to do, such as lose weight; stop smoking; or manage stress.

Life Coaching

How Do Coaching Sessions Work?

I tailor my approach to your individual needs and goals. Sessions are based on a continual process of assessment, goal setting, action steps and back to assessment. You can choose to work individually or as part of a group.

Individual coaching takes place via phone or face to face (as mutually agreed)in the comfort of your home, your office or any other quiet place you would prefer. Individual sessions are usually, held twice a month but may initially be more frequent, dependent upon your needs. I’ve found that these frequencies allow us to properly track and support                                                                 the realisation of your plans.

How Long Is the Process?

Coaching deals with an intentional change of your personality. This does not happen from one day to the next. Some clients make coaching an integral part of their life. But perhaps right now you are only seeking help in a specific situation. That’s fine. We recommend 9-18 months in order to see lasting change.

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Hypnotherapy may help with a wide range of issues.


See Help With for further details.


Life Coaching is an alternative way to help you in every area of life where therapy or healing is not required.


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