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Welcome   Ivan Lawrence Hypnotherapy    

No More Diets!

When you choose to lose weight via hypnotherapy with Ivan you are choosing a healthier way of eating and drinking....permanently!


No particular food or drink are banished (unless you want them to be!) you simply adopt a new attitude that not only supports your weight loss....but supports you maintaining that loss too.


So you can look forward to eating and drinking happily and positively; achieving and maintaining your (sensible) ideal weight; and not a Diet in sight!

Weight Loss

No More Weighting...Just Relax


How many diets have you done now? Have you got to the point where you realise diets don't work for you? Have you lost weight only to find it back again a short while later...and after all that effort!


Well, relax! The dieting industry is one of the largest (no pun intended!) in the world! But, if it worked, surely you would 'do' a diet and then be ok for the rest of your life right? The fact that you're on yet another diet suggests that dieting is not the answer! Yes, you probably need to adjust your eating and exercise habits but your experience is telling you that some deeper rooted adjustments need to be made in order that you can not only lose weight but keep it off!


After all, most diets work for a short time. But you want to enjoy eating, not feel guilty all the time. And you certainly don't want to be on the conveyor belt of moving from the latest fad diet to the next 'wonder' diet and the torture and angst that go with it.

Ivan has helped a lot of people finally overcome the diet regimen and accomplish, and maintain, their desired weight in a comfortable and permanent way utilising the relaxed approach of hypnotherapy.


He will work with you to design a specific plan based upon your personal circumstances in order to help you finally achieve and maintain your desired body weight.


So don't weight any longer! Call Ivan now for your free initial consultation on 07970 004993 or 01455 446314 and discover how hypnotherapy could give you your right to light!

Call Ivan now for your FREE initial consultation on


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